What is this?

This dictionary grow out of our work at farsi.school, where we are building a large library of Persian-language content, where each word is grammatically classified and linked to it's base form. Students can then lookup words and inflections they are not familiar with. To make this possible, we had to build a list of Persian words and their grammatical properties.

We also wanted to be able to play pronunciations. Our first choice was to look towards Forvo, which is an all-around fantastic project, but we weren't happy with the sound quality of some of the user-submitted recordings. Since we were asking people for their hard-earned money, we thought we had to do better, so we started doing our own studio recordings.

And so at some point it just made sense to say, let's publish all of this in a way that allows for easy lookup, and the farsi.school Learner's Dictionary was born.

Now, this very much remains a work in progress. To explain the meaning of words, we largely rely on existing English/Persian dictionaries such as Wiktionary, but we are continuously filling in missing bits and pieces. We are also adding new words as we are adding new content to our library. Some entries will always lag behind, may for example not have recordings yet - but we are going for full eventual coverage.

Find an error or have feedback? Please do write us.